The Accureacy are:

Costas Karantzios - vocals, guitar
Johnny Papaioannou - bass, keyboards
Jim Kalaitzis - guitar, keyboards
we are hiring! contact us! - keyboards, guitar
Sophia Christakopoulou - drums, percussion

The Accureacy is a quite newly created The Cure tribute band, the first and only one currently in Greece.

Based in Thessaloniki, Greece (located in northern Greece, the largest greek city next to capital Athens), the band was formed in late October 2009 by Johnny Papaioannou. Johnny started playing musical instruments when he first listened to The Cure around 1989-1990, and the idea of forming a tribute band eventually came some years later.

Greg Dimitriadis, a fellow drummer and Cure fan, was in Johnny's plans for such a band, if and when other members were to be found for that project, too. A somewhat difficult task, as they had to have that extra "cure-stuff" playing attitude. The word "passion" closely describes that attitude, but not completely.

Then, several years later, in 2009, Johnny happened to watch a series of YouTube videos of a guy nicknamed "spondylos" who was guitar jamming over The Cure tracks - and very nicely too. There are hundreds such videos on YouTube, but these particular ones were somewhat familiar: the nick "spondylos" resembled a greek word and the furniture and room were very greek-styled. Still, it could be anywhere in Greece, but as fate had it, Dimitris (Jim) Kalaitzis - the guy behind the "spondylos" nick - turned out to be living in Thessaloniki too, no more than a mile away.

The timing was perfect. Johnny and Sophia Christakopoulou (Johnny's then girlfriend and now wife) had setup a small studio in their home for them to jam, as Sophia, too, had started learning to play the drums some years before that. So Johnny and Sophia arranged for a meeting with Jim in their home studio. Jim's expectations were very low before the meeting, but half an hour and a little jamming later he was such a happy buff!

Johnny was aware of the fact that Greg, besides the drums, knew how to play the guitar up to some level, but little he knew when he rang him, that Greg was also a keyboardist. An accordionist, to be exact, but the main concept was the same: Greg could play the keyboards, too. And he was more than happy to participate, under these new roles and not as a drummer, in the band.

One thing was still missing, though. Johnny decided to offer the vocalist position to Costas Karantzios, the singer of "Background Noise Suppression" band, in which Johnny is the bassist. Costas, although not a hardcore Cure fan, had the whole package: he did like The Cure and the whole music genre, had many years' experience in singing, a very nice voice and very close to Robert Smith's voice, lived nearby and had the ability to play a little guitar, if needed.

And so, The Accureacy was fully born in November of 2009. The name was chosen as a reference to The Cure's "Accuracy" song and also to the commitment for the band to sound and feel as accurate as possible. There was an extra "e" letter thrown in, to form the word "Cure" - which also served as a distinction to the now inactive Italian tribute band "The Accuracy", which the band later found out about.

The Accureacy is firstly and foremost a "family affair": Johnny, Sophia, Jim, Greg and Costas are close friends and that's reflected in the band. We are doing this mainly for our get-together pleasure; and to give the opportunity to other Cure fans to attend a familiar concert, have a good time and even get together with other Cure fans.

During 2015, Greg left the band for various family reasons and the remaining four imaginary guys started looking for a replacement. That proved more difficult than initially imagined. Up to today, no suitable replacement has been found. To compensate, they decided to rehearse and play live temporarily as a fourpiece with pre-recorded keyboards. To help with the additional guitars, fellow guitarist Elias Panagos joined the band as a session musician. Greg having left was the main reason (along with Sophia's pregnancy in 2016) no live gigs were held during 2015 and only one (which was cancelled due to rain) programmed for 2016.

Having played many gigs in Thessaloniki, Athens and other cities, many unplugged sessions, a Trilogy session and a Wish tribute session, the future lies ahead with more concerts, more unplugged sessions, more new songs and albums included, more of everything.

As Robert Smith himself often says: ONWARDS! XX

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